Of Tov

Nice to meet, tasty to eat
Of Tov Group is an agricultural company owned by the Jordan Valley Farms and the Ma'ayanot Valley Farms, and is the leading producer in Israel of food products from poultry bred without antibiotics.

What makes us better?
In recent years, we at Of Tov have been leading an effort to raise poultry without antibiotics and without the addition of hormones, and to use 100% natural ingredients in most products.
This healthy move is possible since the breeders are supervised by us from the early stages, as is the quality of their feed and the way the poultry are raised.

So how does it work?
Of Tov Group consists of 3 operational divisions: the Agricultural Growing Division, the Fresh Foods Division and the Products Division.
The Agricultural Growth Division is responsible for the supervision of poultry and turkey farming and includes accompaniment of breeders, veterinary supervision and close supervision of the growers.
The Fresh Foods Division and the Products Division are of the most advanced enterprises in Israel, combining quality, creativity and innovation with family spirit and "homemade" products.

Uncompromising quality
At Of Tov we put quality assurance front and center.
As an established food manufacturer, we meet all the requirements in the field of product quality and safety, in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP and USDA approval, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture Veterinary Services, GMP and manufacturer license under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
The quality of our latest equipment and production lines, position the Of Tov factory at the highest level.

Kosher and certified
We Ofer products certified by Badatz Mehadrin – Rabbi Rubin, and products certified Mehadrin Auerbach – under the supervision of Rabbi Auerbach.

Global Of Tov
We lead the kosher export sector to the US and European countries, and conform to all the American, Canadian and European tests and regulations.

As a leading company we place an emphasis on business and economic development, taking into account the company's needs and the value of sustainability. That is why our poultry is raised without antibiotics and without the addition of hormones, and are of higher quality.
We operate in a constantly systematic manner, in order to improve our environmental performance and minimize our ecological footprint.
At Of Tov we undertook to periodically review our management system according to IS 14001 in our relevant divisions, to ensure that it is effective in achieving the Group's goals and that they are implemented throughout all levels of the organization.
We are committed to the community in which we live and operate, and we do our best to increase our involvement and to promote various initiatives, such as environmental initiatives. We believe that such partnerships contribute to the company, while providing value to the businesses and communities we serve.

Why is poultry without antibiotics better?
The transition to breeding poultry without antibiotics and antibiotic growth catalysts stems from the concern of developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the habitat and in humans, overexposure of humans to these antibiotics and fear of remaining antibiotics in the meat.

100% in-house
At Of Tov we observe:
100% direct supervision of the farms
100% self-preparation
100% guarantee and compliance with the most stringent standards

How is our schnitzel made?
We prepare it just like at home, with a lot of love and special ingredients. This method allows the schnitzel to be fried for 30 seconds, continue baking for a few minutes and immediately frozen to maintain quality, freshness and juiciness, and of course preserve the amazing and crispy taste.

What's on the plate?
Homemade schnitzels, thin, in various shapes and coatings
• No phosphates added
• No food coloring
• No preservatives
• No MSG
• From poultry raised without antibiotics and 100% natural ingredients

Pastrami and cold cuts
Meet our worldwide Deli series: sausages and pastramis with exceptional spices that no other sandwich has. New York style, Polish, Romanian, Italian. Mouthwatering and delicious.
In addition, you can find our well known pastramis and cold cuts in the delicatessen and refrigerators.
• No MSG
• Gluten free
• No artificial food coloring
• No Trans fat

Kids love hotdogs, but it's important to provide them with a product that has proper nutritional value, made from high quality chicken breasts, from poultry raised without antibiotics and without the addition of hormones.
• No MSG
• Gluten free
• No artificial food coloring
• No Trans fat
• Rich in protein

Dry sausages
High quality dried salamis and Kabanos, for noshing and upgrading any meal.
• Reduced saturated fat
• No MSG
• No Trans fat
• Gluten free
• No artificial food coloring
• No phosphates added

Fresh packed
We Ofer premium selected poultry cuts (thighs, drumsticks, breast, whole chicken) all fresh, clean and ready to use. The packages can be found in the chain stores delicatessens, with an exact expiration date so you can be sure that you prepare the best chicken dishes made from poultry raised without antibiotics and without the addition of hormones.
We also Ofer a variety of packed fresh frozen chicken products.

Specialized market
Besides being a supplier of poultry products, Of Tov also markets products to the professional market: lunch cafeterias, businesses, restaurants, snack bars and others. All products are firmly supervised to maintain freshness, quality and all the strictest standards.

Let's talk about taste
What can you prepare from chicken? An infinite list of wonderful and tasty dishes, from golden schnitzels, juicy meatballs to crispy chicken in the oven.
When the chicken tastes good, everything we prepare from it will be a delicacy, and the demand for our fresh, high quality chicken proves this beyond doubt – Israelis love schnitzels, Israelis like meatballs and – most importantly – Israelis love chicken. Nothing tastes better than a homemade meal, made with love and great Of Tov products.
We are committed to continue acting responsibly out of an obligation to your family meals and a great passion for our work.